Pissing Off Your Doctor – What is Your Physician Satisfaction Score?

When there's a failure to communicate ... who's failure is it?

Recently, a reporter asked me if I had any suggestions for patients who wanted to avoid pissing off their doctor? Really? Are doctors in such short supply that patients now fear alienating, and losing access to, their physician; or are there other, more compelling reasons for patients to be concerned about this possibility?   Ever since medicine was in its infancy, most physicians have been concerned with establishing good rapport with their patients. From Hippocrates, and … Continue reading

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How Emergency Physicians Can Participate in Gain Sharing

Emergency physician groups across the country being asked to find ways to participate in gain sharing, in order to become more fully integrated with their hospital’s or ACO’s or HMO’s efforts to reduce the cost of care.  These groups (especially those that are contracted to staff their ED as opposed to emergency physicians that are employees of the hospital or HMO) are finding it very difficult to work out these types of risk/value-based compensation arrangements. … Continue reading

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Why Do EM Physician Groups Get Replaced ?

repel boarders

The last post on this blog (Contracting the Hospital’s Emergency Department Mission) got a lot of hits, so I thought I would follow up with another post on the same subject, this time dealing with why emergency physician groups get replaced by their hospitals. The reasons, of course, might dictate how these groups might want to respond when their practice is threatened with takeover by another EM group. Typically a group of emergency physicians that … Continue reading

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Contracting the Hospital’s Emergency Department Mission

smoke and mirrors in emergency medicine

Lately I have been hearing complaints from Emergency Medicine Groups across the nation about hospitals that are cutting back on their financial support of EM groups, and sometimes firing one group in order to hire another that will agree to staff the ED without any financial support. Hospital chains have threatened to replace EM groups across their entire string of hospitals in order to shift to EM groups that will take on several EDs at … Continue reading

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Private Treatment of Veterans: An Ethical Dilemma

Veterans Waiting for Care

The recent brouhaha over waiting times for veterans to see a physician in the VHA system has generated calls for the VHA system to allow veterans to seek care from private sector providers.   Naturally, this is a problem that many members of congress have ignored for years. Since 2005, the VA Office of Inspector General (OIG) has issued 18 reports that identified, at both the national and local levels, deficiencies in scheduling resulting in lengthy … Continue reading

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