A Thanks Giving Story

'thanks' is the best gift

Emergency physicians will, on occasion, hear back from patients who want to express their thanks, and it can really make your day. I got such a call today, and with this patient’s express permission, I decided to tell her story in this blog as she related it to me because it is rare to have so many positive messages that derive from a single ED visit. It also makes me feel good to repeat this … Continue reading

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Should We Ban the Handshake in the ED?

terrorist fist jab per Fox News

The handshake is a custom and ritual that goes back to at least the 5th century B.C., and is often thought to have originated as a way of demonstrating peaceful intent by showing that the hand holds no weapon. Unfortunately, handshaking will, on occasion, convey a very different message, in the form of very dangerous, even deadly, biological ‘weapons’ like pathogenic viruses and bacteria.   There have been quite a few articles and publications on the … Continue reading

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Tele-Radiology, Remote Interpretation, and Emergency Medicine

Tele-radiology and Remote Interpretation

I was once told by an emergency physician colleague that he had heard that one of the radiologists in his hospital had CT scans projected on to the ceiling of his bedroom so that he didn’t have to get out of bed in the middle of the night to read scans when he was on call for the ED. Of course, hard as it was to believe this story then; it is even more unlikely … Continue reading

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Misdiagnoses in the ED: How Big is This Problem?

Misdiagnoses in the ED ?

A recent article by Martha Mendoza and Matt Sedensky of the Associated Press raised the issue of frequent misdiagnoses in the ED in a story focusing on the missed diagnosis of Ebola infection at Dallas Presbyterian’s emergency department. How significant is the issue of missed diagnoses in emergency medicine practice? The authors of this article point to missed benchmarks in ER waiting times in this hospital as a contributing factor, and also cite Dr. Ashish … Continue reading

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“I Think I Might Have Ebola”

Virus Hunter in the ED

You’re working a shift in your urban hospital ED when the triage nurse comes up to you and says: “I’ve got another patient with a fever who thinks they might have Ebola”. This is the third patient in two days that have presented with a fever and headache that has expressed concern that they might have contracted this dreaded communicable disease.   Flu season has been cranking up for the last two weeks in your area, … Continue reading

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