Emergency Medicine in Yosemite

EM in Yosemite

Consider the Emergency Medicine in Yosemite course coming in January for a great CE experience.  You can’t beat the experience.  Take your family with you.  

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Making Political Hay Out of Ebola

Making Political Hay Out of Ebola

The latest, but certainly not the last, political hay made out of the Ebola crisis surrounded President Obama’s appointment of a non-physician political operative, Ron Klain, to be the White House Ebola response coordinator. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, criticizing the appointment on CNN, said: “Mr. Klain is not a doctor, he’s not a health care professional; he doesn’t have background in these issues.” Add this to congressional angst over Obama’s failure to halt flights from … Continue reading

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Observation Status Notification: a Partial Solution

Jumping through CMS hoops

In a recently published article in Health Leaders Media, Observation Status Sparks Legal Firestorm, the author (Christopher Chaney) points to the high differential in out of pocket costs for Medicare, Medicaid, and even many commercial plan enrollees around the issue of inpatient admission vs. outpatient observation status, and around coverage for subsequent skilled nursing facility admission, as a serious bone of contention for all the stakeholders. ‘Firestorm’ might be an understated way to describe the … Continue reading

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Puppy Lessons for the Emergency Department

Rika the Labradoodle

  This is Rika (short for Paprika), an 8 and a half week old Labradoodle who is a new addition to our family. In the few days we have had her with us, she has already taught me, or reminded me, of several lessons (or maxims) that can be applied to emergency medicine, and particularly to the medical direction of the ED. Ok, I admit it, this post is a shameless excuse to put up … Continue reading

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Ebola and the Psychology of Contagious Disease

Exposure  to Ebola in Dallas ?

A month ago I published a post on The Fickle Finger predicting that paramedics, emergency nurses, and emergency physicians would be exposed to patients with Ebola and have difficulty picking out these patients from the many other patients who present to the ED with similar symptoms. In light of the recent events in Dallas, Texas, this seems prophetic, but it is really not so difficult to explain (despite the finger-pointing from a horde of ‘outraged’ … Continue reading

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