Surge in Medi-Cal Enrollees Reveals Program Deficiencies


Trying to put a good face on California‚Äôs Medicaid program (Medi-Cal), the newly appointed Director of the Department of Health Care Service, Jennifer Kent, in an interview with the LA Times, danced deftly around a pointed question that hit squarely … Continue reading


Obstacles to Payment Reform for Emergency Medicine

Getting Rid of Fee for Service

ACEP and other emergency medicine organizations are committed to finding ways to address the intent of government and private payers to transition from fee for service to alternative reimbursement methods. Some emergency physicians believe that ACEP should argue that emergency … Continue reading

Why Do Physicians Smear Other Physicians ?

journalists and smear campaigns

What prompts a physician to publicly smear the reputations of other physicians, or groups of physicians, or physician specialties? It takes a certain amount of hubris for a physician to denigrate a fellow physician or physician specialty publicly, in a … Continue reading

Should Patients View Proposed Surgery Videos Online?

hip resurfacing 1

Yes, I am going under the knife on Tuesday, for a BHR hip resurfacing. As a patient, and a physician, I was curious about the procedure, and decided to have a look at one of the YouTube video series that, … Continue reading

EMS Telemedicine Screening and Deferral of ED Care

EMS Telemedicine Screening

An interesting recent article in MedPage Today describes the use of telemedicine consultation with an emergency physician in the dispatch center by Huston Fire Department medics to screen and refer selected patients, who request ambulance transport to the ED, to … Continue reading