When Hospitals Have One Foot in FFS and the Other in VBP

One foot in FFS, the other in VBP

Most hospitals these days have one foot firmly planted in Fee For Service (FFS) Reimbursement and the other foot in Value Based Payment (VBP); and though this somewhat schizophrenic business model complicates life for the C suite, it poses an … Continue reading


When Physician Candidates for President Pander to the Base

Pandering to the Anti-vaxxers

It’s one thing for Donald Trump to proclaim, at the second Republican debate, that there is clearly “a connection between vaccines and autism, telling an emotional story of an employee whose ‘beautiful’ baby fell ill with a fever after having … Continue reading

The Transition to Single Payer: What Would Medicare Look Like?

Sanders plugs single payer

What if Bernie Sanders were elected President, and what if that was just the beginning of a Social Democratic revolution in America? Improbable, to be sure, but if we went to a single payer health care system, what might Medicare … Continue reading

The Role of the Emergency Physician in Aid-in-Dying

Aid-in-Dying legislation - impact on emergency medicine

Recently, the California Aid in Dying bill, SB 128, which was placed into legislative limbo because of resistance in the Assembly Health Committee, has been resurrected and will now be heard in a special Health Care session of the Legislature … Continue reading

Anti-vaxxers Take on Mandatory Vaccination of Schoolchildren in CA

Some of you may have heard of the efforts to recall Dr. Richard Pan, a pediatrician and State Senator in California who authored SB 277, a bill that eliminates personal preference exemptions from vaccinating children attending school, signed into law … Continue reading