Physician Fees: Should Hospitals Care ?

Physician Fees:  Should Hospitals Care ?

In my previous post, I asked if physicians should care about what the hospital(s) they affiliate with charge. In this post, I will address the slightly touchier question of whether hospitals should care about what their physicians charge. I will … Continue reading


Hospital Charges: Should Physicians Care ?

Hospital Charges:  Wheel of Misfortune

Recently my primary care physician ordered some screening lab tests for me, some of which may not be covered by Medicare. Since he has long been associated with one of the local hospitals (he was recently Chief of the Medical … Continue reading

I Miss ‘Marcus Welby MD’


Granted, the ‘Marcus Welby MD’ show was a bit paternalistic, homophobic, and at times corny, but it had a certain twist (the elder Welby was a progressive thinker compared to his younger colleague, Dr. Steven Kiley, who was something of … Continue reading

Let’s Build a Wall Around Every ER

Let's build a wall around every ER

I have been inspired by The Donald, and have come up with a great, I say GREAT, solution to the excessive numbers of people in the U.S., and particularly poor people, who are routinely abusing the privilege of obtaining health … Continue reading

The Biggest Mistake in the ACA

Why the ACA Just Won't Fly

It was interesting to hear Hillary Clinton, on the stump at the last Democratic Town Hall, bemoan the fact that not-for-profit health plans were not participating more in the exchanges. Blue Cross and Blue Shield, she pointed out, used to … Continue reading