Emergency Care: Guaranteed Coverage or Guaranteed Access

EMTALA is not Health Insurance Coverage

In a recent interview on CNN’s New Day, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) responded to a comment from host Alisyn Camerota that ‘access and coverage were not the same thing’ during a discussion about replacing the ACA. He said: “Well, we’ve … Continue reading

Kitzhaber Nails Healthcare Cost Reduction

The Hon. Dr. John Kitzhaber

Dr. John Kitzhaber is an emergency physician who transitioned to politics after 18 years in the ED, and became a two-term Governor in Oregon. Recently, he gave the keynote speech at a Health Policy Conference in Hawaii that outlined perfectly … Continue reading

Hospital Staffing Contract Turnover

Your staffing contract is terminated !

You may have read about the breakup of Summa Health Systems and Summa Emergency Associates, a group of 55 emergency physicians and 20 PAs who had staffed the five emergency departments at Summa in Ohio for 40 years. The story … Continue reading

10 Ways to Mitigate Physician Burnout

Mitigating Physician Burnout

The following is a guest post by Steve Sanders. Those who work in service professions in the medical disciplines are susceptible to a psychological condition known as burnout. It’s of particular concern in healthcare because of the potential effect on … Continue reading

Fickle Finger of the Year Award for 2016 – the American Electorate

The Fickle Finger of the Year Award for 2016

The Fickle Finger of the Year Award for 2016 goes to the American electorate. Now you may think this post is a rant about the election of Donald Trump as President-elect. Not so. I accept that Mr. Trump will soon … Continue reading