2011 Fickle Finger of the Year Award

The Fickle Finger of the Year Award

Every week, Roan and Martin would select a public figure to receive a Flying Fickle Finger of Fate Award, usually given to salute dubious achievements, especially by governments or famous people.  Variously named the Rigid Digit, the Winged Weenie (my favorite), Wonderful Wiggler, Friendly Phalange, and the Nifty Knuckle, this weekly satirical award highlighted the dumbest or craziest events of the week.  Gold and Silver in color, the award was a ‘hand’ mounted on a trophy base, its index finger adorned with two small wings rotated in a ‘whoopee’ circular motion.  Recipients of this uncoveted award included then Los Angeles Chief of Police, Ed Davis, who suggested that gallows be put in all airports for the hijackers (when they were apprehended, they could be hung on the spot); the City of Cleveland for their Cuyhoga River (it caught fire due to its high pollution levels); and to William F. Buckley for his philosophy ‘Never clarify towmorrow, what you can obscure today’.  Top awards went to the Pentagon.  They won five times. (borrowed from ‘trof’ posted on the Democratic Underground).

Naturally, it seems only reasonable that The Fickle Finger Blog should designate a recipient for the Fickle Finger of the Year Award.  I suppose there are innumerable potential recipients this year, especially given the spate of bumbling and ridiculousness brought to the fore by the Republican Party’s process for nominating a Presidential candidate for the 2012 election; Harold Camping’s fumbled prediction of the Appocalypse (twice); the Balloon Boy escapade, Charlie Sheen (need I say more), the mishandling of the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster; the dust ups in Congress (need I say more); Occupy everything; the Donald; Anthony the Weiner, Corzine losing everyone’s shirt; the ‘manipulation of the (Libyan) children by al Qaeda’ according to Gaddafi; Berlusconi’s approach to making every woman feel ‘special’; and so on.  However, this is a health care policy blog, so I probably should narrow my focus a bit.

In keeping with the dubious achievements theme, this years’ Fickle Finger of the Year award goes to Jeffrey Thompson, MD, CMO of the Washington State Medicaid program, who brought us the most ridiculous list of ‘non-emergency medical conditions’ ever conceived, including such gems as:  hypoglycemic coma, Streptococcal septicemia, syncope and collapse, acute cholecystitis, chest pain, and acute exacerbation of asthma.  This proposed Medicaid cost-containment program tops my list of dubious achievements for 2011.  I welcome other suggestions for whom you would have given the award to, but I really can’t think of a better recipient for this blog’s Fickle Finger of the Year Award.


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