No, I Have Not Stopped Publishing The Fickle Finger

The pause that refreshes…

A few folks have asked, so I guess it is time to explain my recent pause in posting to The Fickle Finger.  My wife and I have moved permanently to Lake Tahoe, purchased a home there, and moved our lives, lock, stock, and semi-retirement, up to a wonderful community called Incline Village, Nevada.  I am still doing some consulting work, and we are both trying to become thoroughly integrated into our new environment with a whole new set of great friends.  Unfortunately, moving is a real chore, almost a full-time job for the last few months, and thus the dearth of commentary on emergency medicine and the health care universe in this blog.  I hope to reverse the trend, as there is no lack of opportunities to pontificate on what is clearly a medical system, and an emergency care services sector, that is in great turmoil.  Please stay tuned, and look for my next post, which you may find stimulating, if not outright challenging.
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